“As the church we are called to cover the world in a consciousness of love, holding a space for the grace of God to unfold in the hearts and minds of people through the eternal givingness of the Spirit.”

_MG_4493We believe all people regardless of background, nationality or faith tradition have been made in the sacred image of God, and that all come to find their destiny and fulfillment in the One in whom we all live and move and have our being. Our church is not about religion, but relationship. Intimate relationship with the Universal Presence which we call God through practicing the Presence in a real and tangible way, and relationship and high fellowship with each other. We are a judgement-free place of healing, deliverance and transformation, and we purpose in our hearts to facilitate an environment of unconditional love in which individuals can come to discover for themselves their true identity as children of the living God. Whether you join us in person or through our online outreach, as you listen to our messages and teachings you will be continuously inspired, equipped and empowered to become all you were destined to be.

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