Mid Week Bible Study: Guard Your Heart With All Diligence

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Online Bible Study: Spiritual Matters Of The Heart


I am extremely excited about this new series of online teachings we are starting today. If you are blessed by the daily devotionals but have never listened to or watched some of these online messages, I really encourage you to check this one out. You can watch the video or simply download the free audio and listen to it anywhere and at anytime.

I believe it is so crucial for us to understand the role of the heart when it comes to our daily walk with the Lord. The Bible tells us that out of the heart flow the issues of life, and so nothing is more important for us than to learn how to guard our hearts, how to keep our hearts set on Jesus and everything He’s made available to us through His finished works. And so I invite you to join me for a great time in the Word today, I believe it will be a blessing!

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Podcast: Salvation & Sanctification: Victory In Every Area Of Life!

Beloved Grace World community,

You may have caught this¬†ministry update video¬†just earlier today. In it I had been talking about things such as the ministry’s name as well as content and teachings being added to the website in addition to the daily devotionals, and one of these additions is this weekly Grace To Your World Podcast.

I pray that these teaching podcasts will be a blessing to you! You can also download the audio version at www.Podomatic.com/GraceWorld. That way you will be able to listen to these from anywhere and at anytime. Once again, I pray that these will be a blessing to you, and I hope that you will join me as we embark on this series of teachings titled, “Salvation & Sanctification: Victory In Every Area Of Life!”

Many blessings!