Let Us Hold You In Prayer

Total-Victory-In-Christ-608x405Successful prayer is not about begging or beseeching God or attempting in some way to change God. Prayer is all about an inner transformative process whereby we bring to our consciousness the immutable Truths of God’s Word, His Reality, and His Kingdom which is eternally at hand. We stand firmly on the Truth that God is the only Presence, Power and Law, and therefore what presents itself to us as a problem (whether it be sickness, lack, depression, marital troubles, or any other kind of issue) is nothing but a suggestion or temptation to accept a power other than God. Jesus said that knowing the Truth is what would set us free; and so prayer is about confidently standing on the Truth that it is well with us.

As you reach out to us for prayer, our prayer ministry will take your prayer request into consciousness and know, declare and affirm the Truth about your situation.