Alex Rubit

IMAG0729Alex Rubit is a teacher of the Word of God with an emphasis on the finished works of Jesus Christ and the balance of grace and faith. After sensing for many years that God was calling him into the ministry, Alex finally yielded by starting Grace World Ministries in the greater Los Angeles area. Pastor Alex is dedicated to teaching the word of faith and grace with simplicity and understanding. He received the vision for Grace World Church International as a local assembly of Believers from all walks of life gathering together to glorify and edify the Lord Jesus Christ and taking the Gospel of Grace to the local community as well as to the world at large. Pastor Alex has a daily teaching podcast, titled Grace To Your World. He also teaches the Word of God online through Grace World’s internet outreach, and he has several online teaching series available as well. He can be contacted for speaking engagements at churches and other Christ-centered functions.